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Enjoy our premium spa indulgence package at a discount price! Each set includes: 1 bottle of our creamy, rich lotion (8 oz.), 1 bottle of our moisturizing shower gel (8 oz.) and a bottle of our long lasting body and linen mist (2 oz.)†

Every set features fine quality products made with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil, just to name a few ingredients. Give a great gift to someone you care about or spoil yourself with the elegance of a deluxe spa experience anytime you desire!

Cucumber Melon Set $24.00
Click Here for Product Details! Luxuriously hydrate and cleanse with a Premium Spa bath and body gift set. Enjoy the light, clean scent of fresh cucumber essence, complimented with the sweet, citrus burst of honey dew melon. Turn moisturizing and conditioning your skin into a daily luxury. Refresh your mind and enhance your skin with a healthy Premium Spa glow!
Lavender Set $24.00
Click Here for Product Details! Our Lavender Shea Lotion is a luxurious formula with a soft, delicate fragrance that is soothing to your body and mind. Lavender Rose has delicate floral notes of fresh rose petals enhanced with the calming fragrance of lavender blossoms. Enjoy the calming, quiet pleasure of MyRomaís "Premium Spa" Lavender Gift Set!
Raspberry Kiss Set $24.00
Click Here for Product Details! Entice your senses with the vibrant, crisp scent of freshly picked raspberries, romanticized with just a kiss of warm vanilla. Whenever you cleanse, soften and condition your skin with this deluxe spa kit, fantasy replaces reality. Experience the aromatic seduction... Raspberry Kiss!
Milk Honey Set $24.00
Click Here for Product Details! Silky, luxurious skin conditioners leave your skin lightly fragranced with bright notes of vanilla. Let the sweet essence of honey and the "milk" moisturizing benefits of aloe and jojoba oil soothe you. As the fragrances pleasure your senses, natural moisturizers soften and protect your skin. A deluxe spa indulgence with aromatic abandon!
Sandalwood Rose Set $24.00
Click Here for Product Details! Create your own exotic indulgence while pampering your skin with the warm, seductive scent of this rich moisturizer. Relax and release your stress while you embrace the calming effects of oriental sandalwood and soft rose petal essences. The infusion of essential oils, naturally help to keep your skin healthy and young looking. Entice your senses with the romantic scent of Sandalwood & Rose!
Vanilla Sugar Set $24.00
Click Here for Product Details! Calming and sensual, our Vanilla Sugar moisturizing lotion, shower gel and mist, gently condition your skin to promote a healthy glow. This delicious scent drenched with light, sweet vanilla notes is both warm and inviting. Enjoy this mouthwatering fragrance... a simple luxury whenever you desire to be pampered!
Peach Sorbet Set $24.00
Click Here for Product Details! A deliciously creamy aroma drenched with the soft scent of freshly sliced peaches, accented with a delicate hint of warm vanilla sugar. All of your guilty pleasures carefully placed in one soft, sexy fragrance. Enriched with the silky moisturizing power of shea butter, your skin conditioning is enhanced, leaving you soft and fresh. A tempting treat for any deluxe spa experience.
Strawberry Daiquiri Set $24.00
Click Here for Product Details! This fragrance has the alluring aroma of sweet, freshly sliced strawberries with just a whisp of tropical banana essence. With a deliciously intoxicating scent, let the luxury of "Premiuim Spa" skin care be your daily indulgence. A fun, optimistic fragrance thatís sure to sweeten your day!
Milan Set $24.00
Click Here for Product Details! This enticing scent features a sensual, feminine aroma blend of lilly, rose, orchids and amber with a hint of Asian sandalwood. Delicate fragrance infused with the hydrating benefits of Aloe and Jojoba Oil, creates a romantic aroma that’s alluring day or night. An enchanting reason to moisturize your skin!
Honey Mango Set $24.00
Click Here for Product Details! Refresh and renew your day with the scent of tropical, sun kissed mango citrus. Revitalizing, Uplifting and invigorating... feel the instant pleasure of Caribbean paradise on your body and in your spirit. Moisturize for a healthy skin glow while you cleanse your entire body with natural essense of island bliss!
Breeze Set for Men $24.00
Click Here for Product Details! The Breeze "Premium Spa" Kit, uses a sexy and invigorating fragrance for todayís man. Our exclusive blend of essential oils replenish lost moisture, as they condition your skin and lightly fragrance your body. A rich, refreshing blend of lavender, amber, jasmine, sandalwood, spice and warm wind... Enjoy the Breeze!
Brix Set for Men $24.00
Click Here for Product Details! A clean, brisk manly scent of spice, fruit, fresh earthy greens and musk with a hint of mahagony notes. Perfect for the office or night time fun. It leaves your skin refreshed, lightly scented and always exhibits a quiet confidence in aromatic boldness!
Montego Bay Set $24.00
Click Here for Product Details! Our exclusive menís scent, Montego Bay is the ultimate spa set for men. The bold blend of citrus, oriental sandalwood with a low note of vanilla, leaves you invigorated, clean and refreshed! Experience the exhileration of warm, tropical rain captured in one fragrance!

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